Impossible teases home delivery service

In case you didn’t spot this one yesterday, Impossible teased something completely new in the meat free space yesterday. Posting the following emoji graphic over on their Facebook page (link) was this rather enigmatic graphic: Obviously it doesn’t take a genius to work out what’s set to arrive soon. The possible home delivery service of […]

Beyond Meat breakfast sausage now on sale

This week Beyond Meat confirmed wide spread release of their brand new breakfast sausage product: Beyond Breakfast Sausage. Beyond confirmed that Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Wegmans, Raley’s, Hy-Vee and Giant Martin’s would be amongst the first retailers to carry the product. We checked our local Whole Foods right away and found it in stock. This […]

Impossible Foods launches in thousands of Kroger stores

Huge news in this week. One of the biggest names in the meat free space is now moving onto grocery shelves. According to reports Impossible Foods ground beef and burger products are rolling out to Kroger stores nationwide, including sub-brands such as Smiths. The roll out will see Impossible Foods products on the shelves of […]

BBQ Plate with MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chikn

This one takes just a little preparation the night before – after all – potato salad is best after having a night in the refrigerator for the flavors to come together perfectly. My own recipe for potato salad uses skin on red potatoes (they’re firmer in the final bite), plenty of finely diced white onion, […]

Brand New Plant Based Dressings & Spreads From BetterBody Foods

A vegan lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but eating more plant-based products in lieu of dairy is becoming a trend. As more consumers switch to milk alternatives, they wonder about the other changes they can make to swap out dairy. Perhaps the biggest setback in motivating more people to make the switch to plant-based products is […]

Tofurky Launches New Meat Free Burger

News in today about Tofurky’s latest product to hit shelves. The companies latest burger product joins a long list of competitors already vying for meat free dollars. The ingredient list breaks down as follows, and is interesting in eschewing the use of pea protein which is so in vogue right now: Water, soy protein concentrate, […]

Lebanese Cous Cous with Chickpeas

I much prefer the larger pearl/Lebanese style cous cous over the smaller, grainier variety. The big semolina pearls are lusciously creamy – especially when cooked with a little olive oil. This particular cous cous is from Idaho and Zursun Beans – they’re absolutely fabulous. Rounding out the dish are some thinly sliced and peeled cucumbers […]

Roasted Veggie Thai Yellow Curry with MorningStar Popcorn Chikn

File this one under ‘amazing things to do with leftovers’. Specifically – leftovers from a roast dinner. Don’t have leftovers? Just make more when you roast – we always do. That way, on the next day we have lots of sweetly caramelized vegetables to reheat in a creamy Thai yellow curry like the one pictured […]

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