Month: March 2020

Guacamole Burger And Tajinn Fries

The burger in question here is the epic Beyond Burger – meaty, juicy and just about the best plant based burger out there right now. It’s even better supported by a heaping pile of creamy guacamole! Extra bonus points, serve this with thick steak style fries finished with a flourish of Tajinn. This Mexican seasoning […]

Thai Yellow Curry With Panko Crusted Tofu

The basics of a yellow curry can be kept on hand indefinitely: coconut milk, curry paste and fish sauce. This makes its a wonderfully versatile dish allowing you to incorporate whatever you have on hand. Our favorite ingredients in a yellow curry are: frozen sweet peas thinly sliced red bell pepper tinned bamboo shoots thick […]

Pita Chips With Hummus And Crispy Chickpeas

This one works well for a snack, lunch or dinner. When it comes to dinner we often serve this with a side salad topped with pickled veggies; think olives, roasted red bell peppers and artichoke hearts. The pita chips are easy peasy in an air fryer, and you can buy hummus pretty much anywhere these […]

Beyond Meat announce new breakfast sausage product

Today sees the very popular Beyond brand announce news of their latest creation – breakfast sausage patties. In the current meat free market no other brand yet has an exceptional product in this space. Perhaps the best we’ve sampled is the revamped Gardein sausage – but knowing Beyond, we expect this will immediately be the […]

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