Hi, I’m Stuart, an increasingly meat free eater and full time foodie. I started this site to document my own journey through the world of meat free dining. Hopefully some of my thoughts and dish ideas help someone else along the way; because as I’ve found, reducing the meat in my diet certainly doesn’t have to mean an equal reduction in flavor and fun.

Let me start by saying this isn’t a vegan website by any means. There are plenty out there, with lots of quality information on living a completely meat free lifestyle. For now, that isn’t me, maybe one day who knows.

I think like many others out there, I’m keen to reduce my consumption of meat for ethical, environmental and personal health reasons – but I’m not quite 100% of the way there yet. As such you might find the odd egg, mayo, cheese or fish sauce through the site. In those instances, converting a recipe 100% vegan is very simple.

Hopefully by reading through some of the plates we enjoy week in and week out – some others out there can be convinced to making the leap to enjoying the odd meat free meal.

If you want to get in touch, you can drop me a line at stuart@amatteroftaste.xyz