BBQ Plate with MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chikn

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Vegetarian BBQ plate with Z's Original Mustard Hot Sauce

This one takes just a little preparation the night before – after all – potato salad is best after having a night in the refrigerator for the flavors to come together perfectly.

My own recipe for potato salad uses skin on red potatoes (they’re firmer in the final bite), plenty of finely diced white onion, diced celery plus plenty of mayo and a hit of mustard. I also sometimes use a blast of smoked paprika for that flavor of Summertime too!

Other items in this dish:

  • Cucumber salad with thinly sliced cukes, salt and juice of one lime
  • BBQ beans, just simmer some pinto beans (with black beans here too) till soft and flavor with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, soy sauce (for umami!), smoked paprika, mustard powder and apple cider vinegar. You can tweak the final flavor as required – they’re always better than off the shelf canned versions that veer too sweet.
  • MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chikn bites, tossed in the air fryer for six minutes
  • I’ve used a local hot sauce brand here too, a vegan friendly mustard hot sauce for dipping those Chikn!

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