Impossible Foods launches in thousands of Kroger stores

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Impossible Burger ground beef

Huge news in this week. One of the biggest names in the meat free space is now moving onto grocery shelves. According to reports Impossible Foods ground beef and burger products are rolling out to Kroger stores nationwide, including sub-brands such as Smiths. The roll out will see Impossible Foods products on the shelves of 1000s of stores across the nation.

We’ve seen the ground beef product retailing (here in Utah) for $8.99 for a 12 ounce pack. Given the current pressure on the meat industry and general Coronavirus grocery chaos in general, some stores are currently limiting purchases on this brand new release.

Previously the brand’s products were the mainstay of restaurants only, with Burger King notably tapping the Impossible patty for their Impossible Whopper product.

According to Business Insider, demand for meat free proteins are increasing at unprecenetd pace, reporting that “Gardein’s sales increased by 65% for the period between March 13 and April 19 compared to last year. Tofurky’s sales increased 40% over the last twelve weeks compared to last year, and MorningStar Farms’ March sales increased by 66%.

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