Vegan Bun Chay

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Vegan bun chay with lightlife

One of my favorite Summertime dishes, this is a blast of spice, texture and vibrant flavors. It’ll awaken your senses like no other. It’s pseudo-vegan in that I do love to use fish sauce, omit that and this is 100% vegan friendly. It’s relatively easy enough to make, but requires a little planning and prep assembling all the various components. Pro tip: it’s so worth it.

The centerpiece of this dish are the Vietnamese style meatballs that rely on Lightlife’s ground meat products. I mix this by hand with cilantro, mint, lime juice, canola oil, fish sauce, sambal and garlic powder.

The rest of the noodle bowl is made up of cooked and cooled rice noodles, a mix of fresh cilantro and mint, ground roasted peanuts, pickled carrots and radish, julienned cucumbers, caramelized red onion as well as a pour over sauce of lime juice, canola oil, crushed garlic, fish sauce and sambal.


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